Pamela Madore

Pamela Madore

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I grew up in a town of 600. I could call everyone by name. Lee Maine is in the woods with brooks, streams, lakes and trees .  Summer was laughing called "the 4th of July" because it was so short.  Winters were long and cold with lots of snow.  I loved the outdoors.

I was an outdoorsy person and played all of the sports.

Lee Maine.  My hometown.  Photo taken by my father.

When I was a little girl people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I am sure you were asked the same thing.

I went to college for one year to be a medical secretary. I failed typing which is the only thing I have every used since then. I took my test on a manual typewriter. I'll blame that.  
A visit to Lincoln Maine and'
my old real estate firm.
I worked  a few jobs --file clerk--shop dispatcher at a Ford garage-mowed lawns--until my late 20's when I friend of mine just got her real estate license and by default it sounded like a great idea.
It was much easier to get a license then.  We were also allowed to do appraisals and work as a loan officer.
I fell in love with selling raw land, camps on lakes and the people I was able to make their dreams come true.  Sure, I sold houses, too, but it was really in my heart to be in the woods.  
Let's get married!
Life happens and I ended up moving to West Palm Beach Florida along with my five year old daughter and my now 30+ year husband. 
The life of the Palm Tree
Wow what a shock!  I felt as though I was on a different planet.  Selling real estate in Florida was insane.  I was used to one stop light at the cross roads and in West Palm there were too many roads and no GPS. I carried a giant map everywhere I went. But selling real estate was a disappointment.

Pure luck --I got a job at a mortgage loan processor at $600 a month. I knew nothing about processing loans but I am a good faker.  (About like the time I thought it would be a good time to be a bartender.  Another story ).
I got my mortgage license and over the next 30 years I vacillated between mortgages and real estate.  What a rich background for my business.
Life happens again.   My husband and I followed our daughter to AMARILLO Texas. Seriously?  The beaches of Florida to treeless and waterless AMARILLO?
Moving to Texas
We moved here in 2007 when houses in Florida were currently doubling in price every 2 weeks. That was just before they started  doubling down in price every two weeks.

We moved here and the prices of houses seemed like Amarillo was just giving the houses away. 

I got my mortgage license and my real estate license and played around with it some.  My husband and I rehabbed a few houses and bought some rentals but I was being pulled back into "the game".

Although I still have my mortgage license, I turned to real estate and HERE I AM!  At the best company in the world with the best training and education ever.  My fellow Realtors at Keller Williams are amazing to work with and with my finance background I have been able to help families get into houses that they may never have been able to otherwise.

So that is about me.  I have lists of classes I have taken and certificates and awards and you name it.  But who cares about that.  What you need is someone that knows what they are doing.

Would love to talk to you.

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty
3955 S. Soncy
Amarillo, TX 79109

"Pam was awesome to work with. She was so patient with us in our house hunting journey. We found the perfect home with her help. We highly recommend her for your home buying needs. "

  -Jason and Tracy Myers, Client

"It was great working with Julie. If she didn't have an answer she researched to get it for us. Both are very knowledgeable and that is always beneficial."

  -Sonya Arce , Client

"We worked with Pam. And she was very kind and knowledgeable and helped us in every step of the way with buying our home"

  -Jenny Pantel, Client

"Julie Sauls did a great job of assisting us with the purchase of the home. Specifically by being extremely flexible with our schedules, being pleasant and welcoming, and giving us input and advice in regards to the offer of the home. She made the purchase of our first home seamless."

  -George Webster, Client

"Julie is awesome. She listens to what you need and finds exactly what you are looking for. Her patience and kindness are very welcoming in a rush rush world. I firmly believe that Julie is in this business to make other peoples dreams come true. She is truly in it for the client!"

  -KERRY ALLEN, Client